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5 Little Known Facts About Fleet Management

Adequate car fleet management is absolutely essential for any company that works with vehicles. After all, vehicles are an expensive and important asset that needs to be looked after correctly. If you don’t, you may have to spend heaps of money to fix or replace your cars.

Taking good care of your cars and supervising them is a must. But, it’s not as simple or easy as it might seem. Many factors go into good fleet management, and falling short on any one of them could be costing you lots of money.

So, if you want to maximise your profits and keep your clients happy, it’s vital that you know all about proper car fleet management.

What You May Not Know About Fleet Management

As you learn more about good fleet management, you’ll come to realise that the more you know, the easier it’ll be. Particularly, if you smartly invest in innovative and easy-to-use technology from reliable fleet management companies, you can make your job far more manageable.

A few things that every fleet manager in New Zealand should know are:

1. Poor Management Can Cost Drive Up Your Fuel Costs. Fuel can be expensive, especially if you are fueling up an entire fleet of vehicles. So, keeping an eye on your fuel usage is paramount if you are in charge of car fleet management. If any of your cars is using an inordinate amount of fuel when compared to your other vehicles, it may be a sign that your driver is driving poorly or that there is something wrong with the vehicle and it requires maintenance.

Poor driving habits can lead to excessive fuel consumption. For example, constant idling and taking inefficient routes can drive up your fuel costs and really eat into your profits. You should always make sure that your drivers are conducting themselves properly and taking optimised routes to and from their destinations.

2. Poor Maintenance Can Lead To Disaster. One car fleet management fact that many people do not realise is that poor maintenance can lead to expensive fees and awful breakdowns. If you do not have your cars regularly maintained and inspected, they could suddenly break down or display abrupt issues that might be very expensive to fix.

These sudden issues can seriously hinder your productivity. So, good maintenance is always important.

3. Tracking Devices Can Help You Keep An Eye On Everyone At All Times. A big issue faced by fleet managers is that you, of course, cannot see your drivers at all times. When your vehicles drive all around the area to make deliveries or do whatever your business does, you used to just have to trust that they’re being productive.

However, when you smartly invest in well-designed tracking devices, you will be able to supervise all of your vehicles whenever you want. Vehicle trackers make car fleet management much simpler than it used to be. You can always view your cars and their activity when you equip them with these wonderful trackers.

The ability to check up on your cars and drivers can give you great peace of mind and will let you know if your drivers are doing what they are supposed to do.

4. Great Management Is Key When It Comes To Satisfying Your Clients. It doesn’t matter what your company specifically does, one thing is always clear – if you manage your fleet well and ensure they’re doing their jobs correctly, your clients will be much more satisfied.

Customer satisfaction can greatly improve your business’s reputation and could even get you more customers. Therefore, efficient car fleet management is vital.

5. Equipping Your Cars With Great Trackers And Using Innovative Tracking Software Is Far Easier Than You Might Think. When you first hear about getting GPS vehicle trackers and using technology to access them, you might worry that it’ll be difficult. After all, getting used to technology and software that’s entirely new to you is always challenging, right?

In reality, purchasing and using this technology is much easier than most people realise. While it is true that using new software might be awkward at first, that doesn’t mean it’s difficult. If you trust reliable tracking companies – like us at Senseri – learning how to use your great new software will be easier than expected.

Our car fleet management software is designed to be as helpful and intuitive as possible.

How You Can Get Better Control Over Your Vehicles And Manage Like A Pro

At Senseri, we are proud to provide valued clients like you with exceptional tracking devices and technology that will surely make your fleet management easier and more profitable. Our trackers are perfect for any company that wants to expertly keep an eye on their important vehicles, no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

For more useful information about how we can help you, we invite you to contact our talented team at +64 9 424 5536.

Make your fleet management easier, more efficient and much more profitable with technology from us at Senseri.