Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracker

Senseri’s automated GPS vehicle tracker and extensive range of related products and services provide comprehensive reporting on the parts of your business you’d like to have better visibility over – from your vehicles to your employees.

Whether you’re a fleet manager operating thousands of company cars or a small commercial operation, Senseri can help install a robust, cost-effective and intelligent tracker and set it up within our GPS software. Our advanced vehicle tracking system makes company car tracking easy, letting you check how efficient your employees are with their routes, as well as with fuel.

When you partner with us, you’ll see what benefits a Senseri GPS tracking solution can offer and how we can help you do more with less. Contact us now.

Vehicle Tracking NZ

Our GPS has been developed to save you and your business time and money when it comes to sifting through lengthy and complex GPS resource planning reports, as well as providing you more insight into driver behaviour at your company through both live tracking and scheduled reports.

GPS device products from Senseri are easy to use, coordinating fully with Google Maps to allow you to access the current location of every vehicle in your fleet. We can also help you set up geo fence boundaries on your tracker. Geo fences are ideal when you want to be notified when a vehicle enters or exits a certain area.

Vehicle Registration Tracking - Senseri Fleet Tracker

How much does business fleet registration tracking cost?

The price of tracking entirely depends on the size of your fleet. For this reason, we offer you the option of a free and instant car monitoring quotation to see how much it would cost for your business needs.

Our GPS price aims to include as much as possible so you can be confident there are no hidden costs. We are committed to keeping you in the loop about all the spendings that our GPS trackers require. In general, when you purchase car tracking software from us the price will include the following:

  • GPS tracker (one per vehicle) and all associated SIM network and data fees.
  • Optional installation of the GPS unit into the unit of your choice at a location to suit you
  • Unlimited access to Senseri’s Fleet Overview GPS software for reporting, location and analysis tools
  • Training that is easy to understand and ensures your familiarity with the interface and reporting features
  • Ongoing support, upgrades, and other services

The benefits of choosing Senseri vehicle GPS tracker NZ

You only need to use our products to see first-hand the value we can provide. By monitoring and acting on the data our systems provide you, businesses can ensure they:

  • Retain value on company vehicles
  • Employees are using the company vehicles responsibly, in compliance with safety regulations, and within the contracted usage policy
  • Protect against dangerous driver behaviour
  • Provide evidence against accident claims
  • Reduce insurance premiums

Are GPS trackers in company vehicles legal in NZ?

Yes. Some employers use a GPS vehicle tracker in NZ as a tool to manage their fleets more efficiently. For example, a GPS can ensure that a dispatch centre sends the closest service vehicle to a customer. Vehicle GPS can show the time a driver works, and even assist with issues such as speed compliance and safety.

Choose Senseri

Our service is available across both the North Island and the South Island of New Zealand. To get a quote or more details about Senseri, contact us at +64 9 42 5536.

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