Asset Management

Vehicle Asset Location Tracking Device

If you’re searching for a hassle-free Vehicle Asset Location Tracking Device, then you’re in luck! Our Asset Tracking software at Senseri Fleet Management helps track your assets in real time via GPS. We supply an asset management solution that powers your business, delivering comprehensive vehicle and asset tracking that works for all your high-value equipment.

It’s time to take control of the components of your business that have a meaningful impact on operations; Senseri’s asset location tracking solutions are here to help. At Senseri, we are equipped with years of experience in the GPS tracking and asset management industry, and skilled in software and hardware development. We are committed to offering cost-effective systems with fantastic performance and enacting our processes with a customer-centric approach.

Our asset management functionality is all part of our powerful Fleet Overview software, the innovative solution that supports our clients by growing and adapting to the unique characteristics of each business. The system we supply helps our clientele gain confidence and reduce their stress by knowing the location of all physical assets, 24/7!

GPS Tracking System Auckland, New Zealand

GPS Tracking Solutions

Our sophisticated GPS Tracking Solutions at Senseri helps customers monitor their heavy equipment, trailers, and all assets in order to improve their vehicle utilisation, security, and uptime. Work with our reliable team at Senseri today to enjoy our diverse selection of car fleet tracking software. We are flexible by nature and have been welcoming clients for years to see what we can achieve for their asset management in New Zealand.

No service in New Zealand offers a better long-term financial investment than our tracking software. So, start designing and learning with us today! Lower your risk and improve your infrastructure with leading tools from our company, achieving excellent results and extensive functions.

Asset Management

Asset management excels with a comprehensive real-time assessment of your assets, involving a collaboration between data collection and analytics so that you can make informed decisions. Our asset management software encompasses asset utilisation, maintenance management, preventive measures, and cost monitoring to report and minimise risks.

Asset Management or Fleet Management?

Our asset management software has a similar arrangement to our New Zealand leading fleet management vehicle tracking, NZ, but it looks after all your assets across the business, from machinery and equipment to buildings. By considering all of your management features, operational efficiency will be streamlined while everything can be tied together to make managing your full services more effective and efficient.

If you develop an effective plan for asset management across your business, you can be empowered to operate, develop, upgrade, maintain, and remove assets in a cost-effective fashion. To achieve this form of streamlined and aware management, you must impact the business’s operations, administrative, and financial investment decisions across your company’s portfolio. As a result, the key addition of our software helps you stay up to date with all processes and locate property and asset information within our user-friendly service.

Central Hub

The central hub implemented when you utilise our asset management and fleet overview software allows your financial funds and operational processes to be reviewed effectively through collaborative working.

By having an up-to-date source of documents and resources that can be viewed across the organisation, you have the capabilities to monitor and maintain all financial investments with ease without having to search for relevant information and identify figures that increase capital expenditure.

Fleet Overview

We offer peace of mind with the Senseri Fleet Overview; our user-friendly asset location tracking tool that delivers low-frequency tracking and the monitoring of valuable machinery and assets. Minimal upfront and ongoing costs make the Fleet Overview an attractive system, and the software is intelligent and self-contained, working with GPS satellite monitoring.

Complete Control

Whether you operate with fixed or mobile assets out in the field, our Fleet Overview is the perfect management system. It offers complete control and responsive insight into the utilisation of all your assets, making your asset management easier than ever.

Fleet Overview Features and Benefits:

Our In and Go compact Plug and Play GPS transponder with integrated diagnostics is innovative and operates completely wireless, requiring minimal installation. It includes:

  • High sensitivity GPS integration, operating effectively in difficult, low signal areas
  • Compact design, highly reliable, and easy to install
  • Optional internal long-life battery included with easy installation and minimal servicing costs
  • Programmable response to many alarm states, with diverse scheduled reports and alerts sent to a manager or owner
  • Easy setup, configuration, and reliable reporting through Web and smartphone

Asset tracking can identify and report current mechanical health and status, such as engine hours and more, to streamline maintenance.

We service a broad array of industries with our software, tailoring its processes to your needs. Make an inquiry today by getting in touch with our team!

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