Tracking Software

Maximise impact with vehicle tracking software NZ solutions that meets your needs in NZ

Car Tracking Software combines efficiency and productivity in one platform. Today vehicle tracking software provides businesses with an insight into where vehicles are, vehicle and driver activity reporting and details into driver behaviour. Senseri’s vehicle tracking systems NZ are capable of taking your fleet operations to the next level.

Car Tracking Software

Enhance your business with car tracking software

Fleet Overview is the best GPS tracker app that can be scaled to fit fleets of any size. You and your business will benefit from the following tools:

  • Vision ‘quick look’ dashboard
  • Fleet, team and driver view
  • Alerts and reminders
  • Powerful automated reports
  • Fast and powerful mapping with street level views
  • Vehicle maintenance and compliance management
  • Fleet clustering and geo-fencing
  • Role based hierarchy
  • Easily customisable for your business

Why you should get GPS tracking software?

Vehicle tracking software is an essential tool for today’s fleet managers, dispatchers, and business owners, allowing them to accurately track and manage the movements and details of an entire fleet in real-time. The GPS tracking software integrates and interprets data collected from GPS trackers, machine diagnostics and other software programs to give users in-depth insight — all from behind a computer screen.

The best GPS tracker app tailored to meet your needs

GPS tracking server software gives you a comprehensive and unprecedented view into your business in real-time. The data provided by our GPS tracking software allows fleet managers to make instant and more informed decisions as businesses evolve. Making use of the data-driven view can progress your business forward into the digital era.

How does vehicle tracking systems NZ work?

Senseri’s vehicle tracking systems NZ uses both a hardware component and a software platform to monitor a wide range of information relating to an individual vehicle or asset within a fleet. The GPS tracking hardware collects the GPS coordinates of a vehicle alongside vehicle activity and the date and time, the activity took place. The GPS tracking server software gathers the data including vehicle location, driver behaviour, engine diagnostics and vehicle activity, and visualizes this information on the car tracking software.

What types of vehicles can you track with a car tracking software?

Vehicle tracking systems NZ are a great tool for businesses looking to accelerate their fleet operations. These vehicle tracking solutions can track not just cars but also a variety of medium-to-heavy-duty assets, buses, HGVs and specialty vehicles.

How is vehicle tracking software implemented?

Selecting and implementing vehicle tracking software takes planning which we guide you through. To have the most successful implementation of the car tracking software we ensure you understand how it can improve productivity and efficiency for everyone involved. We provide free training and education for all parties involved.

Can Fleet Overview vehicle tracking software be used to manage other assets?

Yes. Senseri has the best GPS tracker app which enables powered assets (such as construction equipment) and non-powered assets (such as trailers) to be tracked and managed through the same car tracking software platform.