Fleet Management

Do You Need A GPS Tracking Fleet Management Auckland Or Throughout NZ?

Effective fleet management in Auckland and NZ includes a range of different areas requiring careful and strategic fleet management to minimise risk and save money. It involves areas ranging from accident management to telematics to fuel management and many more, not to mention fleet management. With well-functioning company vehicles essential to successful day-to-day business operations, effective vehicle tracking is vital for minimising risks associated with vehicle investment and fleet management. It also helps you improve efficiency, productivity, and reduce overall fleet management transportation costs.

Fleet Management Software

At Senseri, we understand that no two businesses are the same. You might run a small fleet of cars and vans, or you might be responsible for a large fleet of HGVs. Maybe it’s a bit of both. Whether you’re a first timer to the role or have experience managing enormous fleets of commercial vehicles, we make the job of fleet management straightforward. No more sleepless nights worrying about fleet management compliance. No more time wasted chasing fleet management paperwork. With Senseri, we make managing your fleet management operations all that much easier.

Senseri has the cutting edge technology in fleet management in NZ. Our state of the art software and hardware technology allows you to improve your fleet management operations, utilisation, and driver safety. Our team will work closely with you to deliver a solution that fits your business objectives and provides the fleet management results you really need. Whether you’re after monthly vehicle tracking reports or daily time sheets, Senseri’s fuss-free, convenient solutions work for you, your workforce and your fleet management systems, no matter what the size.

Fleet management Auckland

Our Solution:

With our vehicle tracking software, you get to cut fuel costs, improve dispatching and gather unparalleled insight into every vehicle, every journey and every driver – this is the absolute pinnacle of fleet management possibilities. We understand that for business owners, every minute counts. That’s why we’ve designed our software to give you the information and the tools you need for optimizing your fleet management, and nothing more.

The In&Go compact Plug and Play GPS fleet management transponder with integrated on board diagnostics and maintenance management is innovative and completely wireless, allowing you, the fleet manager, maximum management capabilities. That makes it intuitive, easy to use, and requires little in the way of installation. It allows you to monitor:

  • Driver and vehicle activity within the fleet or fleets
  • Daily work hours
  • Speeding
  • Fuel consumption management
  • After hours use management
  • Location, journey and GeoFence crossing
  • Excessive idling management
  • Vehicle security and protection management

Real-time Fleet Management Vehicle Tracking

The sophisticated technology we use provides the highest level of vehicle intelligence, relaying vital information back to you over the internet in real-time. Our vehicle tracking software has also made dispatching easier than ever before. You get a constant update on the progress of your drivers and how near they are to their destinations, keeping you in the loop of the runnings of your business, and easing the overall burden of fleet management. As a fleet manager, or perhaps the manager of a whole group of managers, it is imperative that you keep maintenance in mind. Maintenance management is one of the crucial management responsibilities of a fleet manager, and you must manage this maintenance as carefully as you can.

Equipment Management Software

When you choose Senseri, you get powerful insights on fuel consumption, fuel spend and potential fuel savings, not to mention maintenance or maintenance management. We are confident our GPS tracking NZ system could reduce your fuel costs by at least 10%, improving your results as a fleet manager, or a manager of several fleet managers. Our software tracks driving habits. Identify bad habits and find out how much they cost in lost fuel. Manage your fleet, manage your maintenance, and become the best manager of fleets, e.g., the best fleet manager, today!

Fleet Management Software Auckland And NZ Reports

Reports and alerts can easily be viewed as data is captured, allowing immediate management of fleet management action to be taken to avoid problems and maintain operational efficiency, as well as keeping on top of your fleets, your managers, and overall maintenance management. Tracking systems reports are easy to view and understand – whether you need to show it to an employee with regard to one of your vehicles (one of your managers, perhaps) or use it as a sales tool with your customers – either way, Senseri will help you to manage your fleet and become the absolute best fleet manager that you can be. With our software, known sometimes as management software, and at other times as fleet management software, your equipment tracking capabilities increase dramatically – this is entirely due to the way our systems increase business, driver and vehicles tracking potential.

From full car fleet management equipment to assistance with accessing national supplier networks – We can give you more control with all aspects of your fleet or fleets. With Senseri, you get to improve and increase productivity, lower costs, increase maintenance management and daily efficiency and fleet and driver security – all through our proprietary vehicle tracking fleet manager tools and software. If you’re interested in seeing the difference we can make, contact us today and get a better snapshot of your business with instant, real time visibility of your company cars and trucks or other vehicles with our GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions and systems in NZ for optimum management, maintenance, and to increase maintenance management capabilities.