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Fleet Management Vehicle Tracking NZ

Want to minimise the risks associated with fleet management and the investment into vehicles for your business? At Senseri, we have gained expertise and knowledge in fleet management vehicle tracking NZ, with years of experience servicing clients across many industries throughout the whole country.

Our vehicle tracking reports and job costing reports are examples of our comprehensive fleet management software, empowering users to streamline their communication, management, and data storage, to effectively meet the needs of their fleet.

We help fleet managers improve their operations, with our team working closely with you to develop an optimal solution that fits your business’s objectives, delivering the results you need.

Whether you’re looking for monthly fleet maintenance reporting or daily time-sheet management, Senseri will provide a convenient management system that works for you, your employees, and the fleet. Our system scales to the needs of clients, serving you no matter the size of your fleet.

Fleet Management Senseri New Zealand

Car Fleet Management

Looking for effective car fleet management in New Zealand? The minimising of risk and total cost savings offered by our fleet management software at Senseri consistently exceeds our clients’ expectations, improving the productivity of fleets.

With our highly efficient vehicle asset location tracking device, you can be confident in the safety of your fleet and identify operational effectiveness. One of the key benefits of our equipment is in seeing real-time data of your fleet, where our software offers detailed reporting with unparalleled insight into each journey by your drivers.

Servicing All of New Zealand

We have partnered with fleet managers across New Zealand, tailoring our intelligent system to the needs of our clients. Accurately track and manage your fleet from anywhere in the nation with our GPS solutions, which saves all tracking history so you can accurately review each trip.

We have extended our software to mobile devices, offering a platform with flexibility for clients, where you can view the service from anywhere with ease. Extend the lifespan of your assets, protect your people, and reduce your risk by enquiring today!

Our Solution

Our In & Go GPS car tracking NZ is a compact Plug & Play fleet management transponder with integrated onboard diagnostics, operating with completely wireless management capabilities for the vehicles in your fleet.

With minimal installation requirements, your vehicles can benefit greatly from our fleet management software, with diagnostics of the following:

  • Driver behaviour, daily activity, and safety within the fleet
  • Each driver’s daily work hours
  • Driver speeding
  • Fuel consumption management
  • After-hours use of the fleet vehicles
  • Real-time location and information about each journey and alerts when the GeoFence is passed
  • Excessive idling
  • Vehicle protection
  • Automatic reminders of vehicle compliance status
  • Accident/ infringement management

Software Reporting

Easily view reports and alerts immediately as the data is captured, allowing you to take action to remedy or avoid issues, maintaining the operational efficiency of your fleet. Our tracking system delivers user-friendly reports which are easy to understand, making it easy to connect with your drivers or when utilised as a customer-centric sales tool.

Driver Behaviour

With real-time fleet management telematics and GPS fleet management software, you can assess a range of data points to improve your driver safety support and efficiency. Taking direct action against speeding, reckless behaviour, harsh braking and more dangerous activities is enabled with our systems.

One of the most important benefits of our service is recognising when drivers need further training, while fleet managers can gain insight into the amount of sleep drivers require and plan accordingly. Reducing fleet maintenance downtime is another of our solutions for your business, where examining journey events in detail allows for the promotion of positive driving strategies, lowering incident rates.

Fleet vehicles and drivers are valuable assets for your business, where our GPS fleet management software means you can see whether one of your employees is driving dangerously, based on their data, and react swiftly.

Fuel Management

Fuel management visibility is a critical aspect of fleet management, where our Senseri system displays fuel usage and fill-ups, and accesses engine data for proactive fleet maintenance. Gain control over your fuel economy and consumption, including fuel used during idling, to lower operational costs and effectively allocate resources.

System Digitisation

Fleet management integration with online systems makes organisation simpler than ever. Automated processes from Senseri can help you as a fleet manager, removing the time spent trawling through data manually, and offering real-time fleet management data through telematics sent straight through to the platform.

Gain valuable information from our reporting and analysis, and improve communication amongst your team, alongside other benefits. Our fleet management software enables valuable insights for maintenance and repairs, safety, security, and overall efficiency, managing the process with our tools and analytics technology.

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