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Fleet Management Tracking

In the field, improve fleet operations, worker productivity and encourage safer driving with Senseri fleet management tracking solutions. Choose Senseri’s customisable car GPS tracker that provides dashboards, reports and alerts.

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Asset Management Tracking

An innovative GPS tracker NZ that grows and adapts to the needs of your business. The sophisticated GPS tracking technology we use helps customers to monitor heavy equipment, trailers and assets to improve security, utilisation and uptime.

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Client Services

Senseri works with a wide range of industries and businesses in need of asset and fleet management tracking. We have the best GPS tracker in NZ which is supported by a SaaS (Software as a Service) GPS tracking system to provide real-time tracking for our customers.

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Tracking Software

Customers can monitor their GPS tracker via Fleet Overview, which is a software system developed for GPS tracking in NZ from our Auckland office. Fleet Overview GPS tracking software allows effective and efficient fleet management via any device from anywhere in NZ.

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Car Track NZ / GPS Vehicle Tracking

Fleet and Asset management with real-time GPS tracking and vehicle routing. Senseri has the product, knowledge and ability to provide Asset and/or Fleet Management Tracking technology to meet your exact expectations and requirements. A GPS tracker can revolutionise your business. Our proven GPS tracking solutions combine to help you manage your fleet and assets to maximise utilisation and productivity, and reduce fuel usage. The cost savings from installing a GPS tracker to your fleet and assets can be substantial. Giving consideration to time & efficiency this website will walk you through our products and services without trying to impress you with technical jargon.

Senseri’s car GPS tracker has geo-fencing ability which alerts you any time a tracker enters or exits an area you choose. You can set geo-fence alerts on your GPS tracker for car, by location and time. You can be confident your vehicles are not moving outside of working hours. Our GPS tracker NZ can set a perimeter around your parking lot or warehouse and you’ll know instantly if vehicles or assets such as trailers are moving out of the area when they shouldn't.

One of our most powerful features is our GPS tracking reports, which are a convenient way to get a complete picture of a fleet’s activities. You can view any of our features, with a chosen timescale via fleet management tracking. Whether you want to look at trip and job information per day, per month, or per year, you decide how far back you want information for and your system will tell you.

Fleet Overview Software
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Particular vehicle/driver

Instantly view a detailed brief on any particular vehicle/driver and location. Drill down to further vehicle and trip details.

Easy read map reference

Easy read map reference screen showing past tracking of any particular vehicle(s) over a selected period. Mapping via a GPS tracker for car can help to reduce fuel consumption, curb unsafe driving habits, and reduce high payroll costs.

More information you need

A well managed car GPS tracker system can increase customer service with accurate times of delivery and collection, and being able to confirm the whereabouts of goods in transit in real-time.

The Fleet Overview car GPS tracker system is sophisticated technology providing vehicle intelligence, relaying vital information back to you over the internet in real time. Our car GPS tracker system is aimed to provide all the essential services in a single application empowering you to know the precise location or your fleet in real-time, and access journey and driver behaviour information through smart reporting capability. Reports and alerts can be viewed as data is captured, allowing for immediate action and also giving you the ability to provide an update for any waiting customers. You can set geofence boundaries on your car GPS tracker around key geographical areas such as your yard, and be notified when your vehicles enter and exit these boundaries. The large variety of reports not only provide travelling and time data, they also allow for maintenance scheduling on a time and/or distance traveled format.

Vehicle and Fleet Management Tracking

Whether you need help to monitor the safety and behaviour of your drivers, manage the efficiency and effectiveness of your fleet, or recover stolen vehicles and equipment, Senseri has the fleet management tracking solution for you. Senseri's Fleet Overview monitoring service is the simplest and most cost effective fleet management tracking system available on the market today. A reliable and headache free solution for tracking assets, ensuring workforce safety and managing a fleet of vehicles - no matter how big or small. Our tracker software helps you ensure your driver’s safety and that you remain compliant by highlighting poor driver habits. Enjoy GPS fleet management tracking systems that give you real-time information. Scalable and comprehensive, our systems combine web and mobile technology to easily understand where your vehicles are, what they are doing, how they are being used and when they need to be serviced. Detailed information about the performance and movements of your drivers and vehicles is available at your fingertips. Using a GPS tracker gives you and your business many benefits. You'll quickly improve the utilisation, operation and safety of your fleet together with reducing maintenance, labour and fuel costs. For example, a tracker will maintain a healthy relationship with clients, promote team efficiency, and promote cost-savings by highlighting fuel wastage. GPS fleet management tracking in real-time can ensure that you can check (and prove) time of delivery or arrival, and so you can avoid costly disputes. Our GPS tracker NZ is also helpful for security measures and to reduce insurance premiums.

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