GPS Tracker Auckland

Keeping track of your valuables is one of the most effective ways of protecting things close to your heart from being stolen, getting lost or misused. Senseri offers an all-in-one solution for GPS tracking in NZ for fleet businesses and managers. From real-time GPS tracking in NZ to up-to-the-minute reports, Senseri offers a solution that’s guaranteed to fit your business.

As a result of techniques such as ‘relay attack’, thieves can now easily steal cars in seconds and a concerning number of these stolen vehicles are never recovered. Our GPS tracking software enables quick theft recovery, cost reduction, and enhances business efficiency as well as monitoring of your corporate drivers.

GPS Tracker Auckland

Why choose Senseri?

  • Real time tracking
  • Sub-accounts for limited access
  • Speed and geo-fencing alert
  • Reports
  • History
  • Ongoing support

Real-time GPS Tracking in NZ for Auckland fleet companies

Senseri offers its unique GPS tracker for Auckland to locate your car, van, motorcycle or assets on the map quickly and easily. You can see the location and status of all of your tracked fleet assets live on a map. Our trackers can be set to include timed intervals, heading changes, and event or status changes to fit for your fleet. You can use real-time GPS tracking to improve the routing and to improve dispatching processes while your fleet manager can keep an eye on their drivers’ location, route history and their driving habits to guide them on improving their driving behaviour and fuel usage.

Geo-fence (Zones)

Senseri Fleet Overview allows you to create safe zones that can be drawn around specific locations on the map. Geofence zones are virtual barriers that trigger an alert every time your vehicle enters or leaves the area. You can set up a geofence zone to get instantly notified on your computer and mobile devices using our Fleet overview tracker. With accurate time and GPS location data at hand, fleet managers can eliminate false overtime-fuel claims and present their customers with evidence of accurate arrival and departure timelines.

Automate reporting from our GPS Tracker for Auckland

Turn data into actionable insight with Senseri’s Fleet Overview advanced reporting and analytics engine. Get the answers to questions every fleet operator should be asking. Senseri’s GPS tracker for Auckland can sort data by branch, region, and geography, and produce KPI reporting to the people that need to know with role-specific and permission based reporting. The automated reporting our GPS trackers offer help you to reduce administration time, produce fact based data and analytics, and make better fleet decisions.

Senseri provides the best GPS tracker supported by our cutting edge Fleet Overview tracking software. Our GPS tracker for Auckland solution offers protection, prevention and visibility of your fleet with 24/7 monitoring. It’s peace of mind you can count on. If you have any questions regarding our GPS trackers or other services, please feel free to contact us on 09 424 5536 or send us a message via our website.