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GPS Wellington & Christchurch

GPS trackers offer companies an effective way to maximise productivity and minimise costs relating to transportation and fleet management. Senseri has been supplying and installing vehicle GPs trackers for many years in all areas of New Zealand. Below are some of the bigger areas we service but in fact we have customers operating our services throughout every region in New Zealand.

GPS Wellington

GPS Christchurch Solution

Regardless of your GPS tracker needs or business size, Senseri GPS Wellington has the right deal for you. We are known and respected for our unparalleled GPS tracker and service for helping individuals and businesses in real time, vehicle and employee monitoring, and recovery of lost or stolen assets at the most affordable rates.

With our modern GPS Wellington solution, you can save on your insurance premiums as well as helping you recover your stolen vehicle easily and quickly. Companies can also rely on our GPS systems to monitor employees working in different sites while keeping the human resources management expenses low. If you are operating a fleet of vehicles you can rely on our solutions to minimise fuel wastage.

Senseri GPS Wellington also makes it easy to monitor deliveries to improve customer experience through accurate customer updates. Whatever your needs, our GPS Wellington solution will help you minimise your expenses through efficient asset management and enhancing asset security. Our products and services are also reasonably priced and affordable for all.

GPS Tracker Christchurch

Our GPS car tracker Christchuch makes it more effective and easier to keep an eye on your vehicle as well as protecting it from theft. We provide unique GPS tracker Christchurch solutions to help you monitor the car movement using multiple devices at any location, whether you are at a cafe in Riccarton or while walking your dog at North Hagley Park. Senseri GPS tracker Christchurch benefits our customers in many different ways, such as improving theft recovery, reducing costs, monitoring driver behaviour, and increasing business productivity.

GPS Tracker Hamilton

With Hamilton being one of the most targeted locations by sophisticated car theft groups, installing your private or company car with a GPS tracker in Hamilton has never been more important. Record numbers of savvy Hamilton fleet businesses are now taking advantage of GPS tracker to further protect their assets and potentially lower the ongoing cost of their insurance premiums. The good news is, with Senseri GPS tracker Hamilton and our Fleet Overview GPS tracking software, it has never been quicker and easier to install a GPS tracker in Hamilton.

GPS Tracker Dunedin

At Senseri, our state of the art GPS Tracker Dunedin solutions have been exclusively designed for tracking of vehicles and assets. We use the latest cutting edge mapping technologies in our GPS Tracker Dunedin. You can accurately track your assets anywhere in Dunedin and across the whole nation. You can access the GPS tracker Dunedin system via an easy-to-use online software product, Fleet Overview, and deliver cost savings to your company.

GPS Tracker Tauranga

The GPS Tracker Tauranga system will save all tracking history allowing you to view the trips historically, but also making sure you can monitor in real time. You can access the GPS tracker Tauranga from your mobile phone or laptop. Senseri GPS tracker Tauranga provides you with full access to all the trackers you installed on your fleet vehicles, allowing you to monitor and report. Our GPS tracker Tauranga is designed to protect your people, extend vehicle and asset lifespan, and reduce risk and liability.