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Curious about how GPS trackers work? We thought we’d write up some of our favourite facts about GPS trackers.

Fiction and reality

The GPS tracker is a popular feature in action movies, often used as a tool in good guy/bad guy cat-and-mouse games. Sensationalist assumptions about the primary uses of GPS trackers have taken over the opinions of many. Sure, this technology does get used by people whose lives look like action movies, but GPS trackers are also handy for everyday people with everyday needs.

How do GPS trackers work?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. 27 satellites orbiting the earth connect to GPS devices using microwave signals. These microwaves track velocity, time, and position, to determine where the user is in space and time.

The satellites pick up signals from GPS devices with what is known as the Doppler effect. As trackers move in relation to the satellite, the microwave signal frequency changes, allowing the navigation systems to determine where the device is.

Why do businesses use GPS trackers?

GPS trackers are excellent for meeting business needs. The software we provide here at Senseri is ideal for large fleet operations. By including GPS trackers in company vehicles, businesses can enjoy the benefits of:

More security
The ability to track vehicles in the event of theft or other loss provides a high level of security for large and small businesses.

Time management
The use of GPS in company vehicles helps manage the time of workers. Business owners can track the use of their assets and maximise user efficiency. This ability reduces fuel, insurance, and labour costs.

Tracks performance
GPS trackers do not just record location data. They also analyse and process information about vehicle performance, such as mileage and speed.

When else are GPS trackers used?

Used by almost everybody with a smartphone, their uses have become an essential part of modern life. Here are some of the crucial applications of GPS trackers.

Hikers, adventurers, and travellers use GPS to keep track of their location when visiting new places. GPS is so handy for exploring, finding rendezvous points, or working out where you are when you are lost. Many apps are available for travellers to use when splitting up with their groups in a foreign place.

Time management
There’s nothing worse than taking the trusty route you use every day only to find there is a massive traffic jam. GPS is used on online maps to find the most efficient way to get to where you are going. It connects to other GPS devices on the map to calculate the quickest course.

Installing a tracking device in your pet’s collars allows you to know where your furry friend is wandering. Eating the neighbour’s food, probably, but it’s good to be on the safe side.

There is a myriad of ways that GPS trackers are used to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. The ability to share one’s location and view the whereabouts of others is a great way to look out for each other. GPS is also used to access roadside support and when calling emergency services.

Delivery services
Almost all delivery services now have GPS services so that you have the option to keep track of when your parcel is going to arrive. There’s not much more exciting than seeing that your pizza delivery is just around the corner.

Popular games such as Pokémon Go or Geocaching incorporate GPS into the enjoyment of their user experiences.

Air traffic
GPS has become an essential part of the way we fly modern aeroplanes. It is a necessary part of maintaining communication between pilots and air traffic controllers. This technology has contributed to the fact that aeroplane travel is one of the safest forms of travel.

Health and fitness
GPS-based technologies are handy for anyone who is interested in improving their fitness. This technology tracks distance, velocity, and time, allowing you to track progress on runs, walks, bike rides, swims, and more.

Detecting earthquakes
GPS technology has become so advanced that it can track movements in the earth that humans cannot detect. By setting up GPS stations around the country, scientists can measure movements in the earth with 99% accuracy.

The US military first used GPS technologies in the 1960s. Keeping track of troops in unfamiliar territory continues to be essential for military operations.

Happy Customers

We hope that you enjoyed learning about the many uses of GPS trackers. Knowledge of the scope of the technology can broaden your understanding of how it works.

There are many benefits to the use of GPS trackers. Here at Senseri, we created our fleet and asset management services to meet some of the needs outlined in this article. We recognise the way GPS technology increases safety, saves money, and keeps people connected.

We have years of experience with the use of GPS technology. For more information, or if you are interested in using GPS trackers for your assets, get in touch today!

If you are running a business that involves managing a fleet of vehicles, you should know how vital it is to keep track of all of your drivers, assets and vehicles. However, if you wonder ‘how important is fleet management?’ or ‘how can I stay on top of all of the vehicles in my fleet at once?’ then you may be hoping for a satisfying and easy to use solution to your fleet management woes.

With a proper fleet management system, you will be able to follow all of your cars and drivers with little to no problem. So, naturally, this will improve your business’s efficiency and productivity drastically.

However, what exactly is a fleet management system, and why should you use one? Keep reading to learn all about this handy tool that will make managing your vehicles so much easier!

What Is A Fleet Management System?

If you do not know what a fleet management system is, it is natural to wonder ‘how important is fleet management?’ and wonder why you should utilise it. A fleet management system is a system that allows you to keep track of your entire fleet by using state-of-the-art software and technology.

Whether you oversee a massive fleet of vehicles or a smaller group of cars, you can utilise fleet management software in your business. At Senseri, our team will work with you to find the best solutions for your business needs.

With our fleet management system, you will optimise your operations by GPS tracking your cars. When your vehicles are followed, you will always know where they are located, how fast they are moving, what routes they are taking and more.

Why Should I Use A Fleet Management System For My Business?

Even if your question of ‘how important is fleet management?’ gets answered, you might further ponder, ‘how crucial is it for me to use fleet management software for my business?’ Well, not only can knowing where your fleet is at all times be practical and convenient, but it can also save you time and money!

When you use our fleet management software, your business can be improved in the following ways and more:

View Vehicle Activity: When the entirety of your fleet is equipped with tracking devices, you will see where your cars are at all times. With this knowledge, you can keep track of drivers who are working on their tasks and be aware of how important work is getting done.

See Fuel Consumption: Because you will be able to see how your drivers are getting to their destination, you will also know how much fuel they are taking to complete their tasks. For example, if you notice drivers who are taking awkward routes that take up extra time and fuel, you could then instruct them to take quicker and more efficient paths.

Even if you save only a little bit of fuel on each drive, that bit of saved fuel can compound and end up saving you heaps of money. For example, when you use our GPS tracking system, you could lessen your fuel consumption by at least 10%!

Be Aware Of Drivers Speeding Or Idling: Along with seeing vehicle activity and task progression, you will also have the opportunity to identify bad driving habits. You could identify drivers who are speeding, disobeying road laws, taking breaks that are far too long or otherwise displaying poor driving skills.

You can then speak to the driver to eliminate the bad behaviours when you recognise these inefficient activities. The longer negative driving habits persist, the more money and time you will lose – so getting rid of those problems should be a priority.

Overall, using a fleet management system will save you costs in fuel consumption, improve your productivity and enhance your performance. So, fleet management is incredibly important to your business because of the enormous possibility of improving your work output.

Where Can I Find A Reliable Fleet Management System?

‘How important is fleet management?’ Should now be a question that is fully solved in your mind, because now you know that properly managing your fleet is crucial to keeping your business running as smoothly as it can! At Senseri, we aim to provide New Zealand business owners with a fantastic way to stay on top of their workforce.

With our vehicle tracking devices and fleet management software, you will be able to rest easy knowing that all of your vehicles are tracked and accounted for. And, if a problem should arise, you will be able to detect the problem quickly and easily so you can go to remedying the issue right away.

Do you want to get started on tracking your vehicles and running your business in a more efficient manner? Then, do not hesitate to contact us at 021 0292 6934 to get in touch!

In today’s digital world, GPS tracking can be an incredibly useful tool. You can track important packages as they are delivered, always know where your smartphone is and even keep track of your pets. However, if you have ever wondered ‘how to detect a GPS tracking device on my car,’ you may have gotten worried.

The idea of someone other than yourself knowing where you are all the time can be scary. But don’t worry, in this article, we will guide you on how to find any tracking devices on your vehicle.

5 Steps To Find A Tracker On Your Vehicle

Finding and removing a tracking device from your car can seem like a daunting task, but if you follow these simple steps you will find that it is not as tricky as you’d think.

Step 1: Learn What Tracking Devices Look Like.

Vehicle tracking devices, when used to help your business, can prove to be very useful tools. However, if you have never seen a GPS tracking device before, you may not know what to look for. Many tracking devices are not meant to be concealed, but those that are can be discreet.

While the specific appearance of the device itself can change depending on the manufacturer, the devices will generally share characteristics. They are often small boxes attached to your vehicle magnetically. They may have lights or antennas attached to the box as well.

Step 2: Inspect Your Vehicle’s Exterior.

If someone has attached a device to your car, they will most likely have attached it to the exterior of the vehicle. You should start your search there. Using a flashlight, check the different areas of your car’s body for any strange objects, particularly small dark boxes.

To survive the weather conditions that your car goes through, the device may be placed somewhere that you cannot immediately see. Check areas that you do not normally look at, such as in the undercarriage or the wheel wells. Because these devices are often connected magnetically, you should search any area that is made of metal.

Step 3: Inspect Your Vehicle’s Interior.

If you have not found anything on the outside of your car, you may find something on the inside. Using a light, check anywhere in your car that could conceal devices.

These devices could be plugged into any of your dashboard’s ports, or they could simply be placed somewhere you would not normally see them. Check your car’s compartments, under your seats, in your trunk and anywhere else that you might suspect.

Step 4: Contact A Professional.

If you haven’t found anything and are still wondering ‘how to detect a GPS tracking device on my car,’ or you simply want an expert’s advice, you should contact a professional. Experts, such as our team at Senseri Fleet Management, know what they are looking for. They may use special tools to seek out devices, or they may simply see disguised trackers that a non-experienced person may not notice.

Step 5: Remove The Tracking Device.

Once the tracking device has been located, the final step is to remove it. Removing a tracking device is often very easy because many are attached through magnets and powered by batteries. If the device is attached by wires, you should be careful to not damage your vehicle when you disconnect it.

Why Track A Vehicle?

Along with wondering ‘how to detect a GPS tracking device on my car,’ you may also wonder ‘why would someone want to track my car?’

Vehicles can be tracked for a multitude of reasons. Most of them are positive, as vehicle tracking can be useful for certain businesses. When a driver is delivering an item it can be good to keep an eye on how their progress is going or to see if they are using their time wisely. It can also be useful to keep an eye on your car in case it is ever stolen.

On the other hand, vehicle tracking devices can also be attached by people without your permission. In these cases, it can be helpful to know the signs to watch out for to avoid being tracked by unwelcome individuals.

Stay Safe, Stay Private

No longer will you need to wonder ‘how to detect a GPS tracking device on my car’ because now you know! If this has gotten you interested in GPS tracking and you would like to learn more, see our about page or contact us directly at +64 9 424 5536!

At Senseri Fleet Management, we have years of experience when it comes to GPS tracking. Whether you want to learn more, or you want to utilize tracking in your New Zealand business, we’ve got your back!