Fleet Management System

GPS Fleet Management Online System NZ

Use one of the best fleet GPS tracking systems in NZ to help your business become more productive and profitable with a simple, easy to use GPS fleet management online system. We offer stable and reliable GPS fleet management online which acts as a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year fleet manager online. We have the best fleet GPS tracking systems, guaranteed to reduce fuel costs while boosting your business’ productivity and service.

Connect to Our GPS Fleet Management System From Any Online Device Nationwide

Senseri’s fleet management tracking system can be accessed and used on any device that is connected to the internet, wherever you are in NZ or even if you are abroad. Whether you want to have a look over things in the office on your computer, or on the go with a tablet device or mobile phone, you can take advantage of the many benefits our fleet management vehicle tracking system to offer.

Live Fleet Tracking Services NZ

You can watch in real time with our fleet management vehicle tracking system as your fleet, assets and personnel move around, visualised on the latest on-line maps. The real-time fleet management tracking system means that you can track and measure driver performance and behaviours. Why do we claim we have the best fleet GPS tracking systems? Because our fleet management system shows data such as how far each driver has travelled, total working hours and potentially even a breakdown of fuel costs. With this fleet management tracking system in place, you can automatically maintain driver logs and generate compliance reports with minimal effort.

Build a picture of driver and journey history

By tracking your fleet via Senseri’s GPS fleet management online, you are tracking every driver on every journey. Senseri’s fleet management system offers fleet tracking services such as storing driver data securely for you to view anytime, checking where one of your drivers was on a given date, displaying how many journeys were completed within a specific date range, and verifying that a pickup was made by a certain time. It’s easy. Senseri’s GPS fleet management online provides route recall. You can bring up any trip using the GPS fleet management online tool and visualise it on an interactive map to determine precisely which route your driver took. GPS fleet tracking in NZ just got smarter.

Geo-fencing from Senseri GPS Fleet Management Online

Do you want to know when your drivers are close to your depot? Senseri’s GPS fleet management online system allows you to set up automated alerts that are triggered when your drivers enter specific zones.

Best GPS Fleet Tracking Reports

Senseri fleet tracking NZ system acts as a fleet manager online that produces customisable reports to monitor your business. You can schedule fleet tracking NZ reports with Senseri’s fleet manager online at predetermined time periods. Senseri’s unique fleet tracking services give you all the data you need to get the most usable insight on your fleet.

So, whatever your needs and requirements are for a fleet management vehicle tracking system, Senseri GPS fleet management online has you covered. Contact us today for more information regarding our GPS fleet management online solutions.