Asset Management

Vehicle Asset Location Tracking Device

Track the assets that power your business with a comprehensive vehicle asset tracking system that works for all your high-value equipment.

It’s time to take control of the things that matter, and Senseri’s asset location tracking solutions are here to help. And it’s all part of the powerful Fleet Overview software, an innovative vehicle asset tracking solution that grows and adapts to the needs of your business. Vehicle asset tracking is a way to know the location of physical assets 24/7.

Fleet Overview GPS Asset Tracking Solutions

Additional peace of mind is delivered with Fleet Overview – a user-friendly asset location tracking system for low frequency tracking and monitoring of valuable assets and machinery. With a low upfront and ongoing operational cost, Fleet Overview is a unique, intelligent, self contained GPS satellite monitoring solution primarily aimed at Remote Asset Management and Machine to Machine applications. With the Fleetoverview GPS asset tracking system you know where your assets are and can take actions based on what you need from that asset.

Why Do You Need Asset Location Tracking

Fleet Overview is one of the best asset management GPS tracking systems in NZ. It is powered by the most advanced asset location technology in NZ. With our asset tracking device, your business can take advantage of geofencing, automation and live location tracking of assets. Benefits of Fleet Overview asset management GPS tracking include time saving, cost reduction and better performance. You can automate your existing process of locating assets, and gain insights about your business operations that can help you improve customer satisfaction.

Fleet Overview provides the following features and benefits:

Fleet Overview offers the perfect GPS asset tracking solutions, when you have fixed or mobile assets out in the field, enabling you to have complete control and insight on the utilisation of all your assets. Asset tracking made easy.

The In&Go compact Plug and Play GPS transponder with its integrated diagnostics is innovative and completely wireless, requiring little in the way of installation. It includes:

  • High sensitivity GPS integration for operation in difficult, low signal strength areas
  • Compact design, easy to install and highly reliable
  • Optional internal long life battery for easy installation and low servicing costs
  • Programmable to respond a variety of alarm states
  • Easy set up, configuration and reporting via Web and smartphone application
  • Wide variety of scheduled reports and alarm alerts able to be sent to managers or owners.

Senseri’s asset tracking devices have been developed to enable you to manage and monitor the ‘live’ location of your major assets. Asset tracking can be used to improve the accuracy and efficiency of maintenance by reporting their current mechanical health and status (e.g. engine hours). You can think of Fleet Overview as your asset manager online. Fleet Overview asset tracking software can help you understand how your assets are being used. Are you getting a good return on your investment, or are they sitting idle most of the day?

Senseri’s asset tracking system will improve asset visibility, improve compliance, and save valuable time. Our GPS asset tracking systems provide you with a constantly updated position for every item, at any time of day including off-duty status. Because asset tracking can also reveal when a stationary object is placed in motion, a manager can detect theft immediately and act to avert the loss. Industries that commonly use Fleet Overview asset tracking software and Senseri GPS asset tracking solutions help a wide range of industries including, construction, farming, transport, oil, gas and mining.

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